DBB focuses on the strategic needs of our clients’ businesses to determine the technology capabilities needed to support their long-term goals. Our experts help companies address technology-related decisions and ensure that they are operating efficiently and poised for growth.


Our team of experts are leaders in all aspects of IT solutions and at solving companies’ most complex technology-related challenges, including how to build their businesses in a digital age.

Our experts can help our clients address the following business situations

IT Strategy

In the instance that a company is technology driven, DBB can help create an “enterprise architecture” that will enable the client to transform itself through its partnership with the entity that coined the phrase.

IT Performance

Underperforming IT negatively affects business performance. DBB works with companies seeking to address their IT efficiency, with an emphasis on Front End Optimization, as it relates to performance and cost.

Cloud Computing & Saas Solutions

DBB helps clients maximize their business results by implementing innovative programs and services that will maximize performance at a reasonable price.

Our team is capable of performing the following functions: strategic planning, digital and operating modeling, business architecture development, big data analysis, IT sourcing and procurement, IT metrics and dashboards.